And so it begins…

When people ask me if I have any children, of course I say “Yes,” and then proudly proclaim, “To twin girls.”

Their eyes get big.

I continue: “And they are about 7 months old right now.” Their eyes get bigger and then the questions start. “Do twins run in your family?” “Are they on the same schedule?” “Do they sleep through the night?” “How do you do it?” And on, and on, and on.

Now that my girls are a bit older and only get up once per night, I am catching up on my sleep and am able to speak and write coherent sentences. So I thought this would be a perfect time to begin this project. Not only to share musings of my daily life with our girls, but what I observe and experience “out there” when I take the girls out and about. I also want to share fun things, events, timesavers and much, much more. Which I hope will make our lives easier as parents of twins.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated with twins. Really, it doesn’t.


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