Keeping it Cool

With the weather warming up, it’s important to keep the babies cool – especially at night. Now that C wears her tiara 23 hours a day, she gets really warm without doing much (that’s because our body’s temperature is regulated by heat escaping from the top of our head). It’s extremely tempting to just to crank up the air conditioning (yes, I am beyond guilty) so I thought I would share some tips for keeping it cool in the house as the weather heats up.

Around the House

Turn on the fan in your child’s room before bedtime to allow the room to cool down. Don’t direct the fan at your baby.

Remove any unnecessary bedding from the crib. While there’s much debate about using bumper pads in the first place, consider removing it to allow for more air to circulate into the crib.

Dress lightly. A simple onesie will do (and imagine how much you can save on laundry!) You can also skip the socks, as these also retain body heat.

Put them on ice. Well, not literally. We’ve been using teethers that you can put ice cubes in. They suck on these to help with teething and to increase water in-take to stay hydrated.

Around the Town

Be sure to plan ahead when you take your babies out and about this summer.

Cover it up. Put away the knit hats and don a light-weight hat with a wide brim to cover the neck area too. Consider taking a light-weight blanket in the stroller to cover the legs a bit from sun exposure.

Shades. I’m still on the fence about babies who wear sunglasses. We’ve got some and our girls aren’t fans of these yet. So make sure that your stroller has an effective sunshade to protect them from the strong rays of the sun.

Sunscreen. It’s recommended that only babies six months and older use sunscreen. We apply a light dose, but make sure you cover every part that may get sun exposure. Our girl A loves to put her feet in her mouth and stretch her legs as she sits in the stroller (it’s her thing). So we need to make sure she’s protected in places the sun doesn’t shine too often (we’re working on it!)

The Car. It should go without saying that you should never, NEVER leave your babies in the car by themselves. It’s tempting to just run to the ATM or into the corner market real quick for an item. But hey, use it as an opportunity to teach them about money or buying groceries. Crank up the air conditioning and open the windows to cool the car down before the kids get inside.

What do you do to keep cool during the warm weather? Share your tips and ideas below!


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