On the Move

I anticipate that we will be on the move here shortly. C & A are just putting their arm and leg coordination to scoot across the floor. It’s awesome to see them army crawl and roll to get to where they want to go. And it happened over the Independence Day weekend – what a way to celebrate their independence than getting mobile. I remember just a few months ago all my girls did was sit, well lean, in their bouncy seat. I wished they had more expression and interaction and couldn’t wait until they could do so. Now I’m missing that stage and eagerly anticipating their next stage of development.

We’ve child proofed around the house a bit, but we will certainly put that into high gear very, very soon. We’ve purchased some baby gates with a built-in foot pedal so we can open the gate with ease. We’ve installed a padded edge around the fireplace. Next up are the cabinet and toilet locks. I’m still researching what we need to do to secure the inside of the fireplace (there’s no gate or curtain on that) as well as the DVR and other TV accessories. I really don’t want my house to look like a baby gate haven, so any ideas are certainly welcome!

We’ve had a preview of what’s to come and what we need to secure almost immediately, as we had houseguests over the 4th of July weekend. C & A’s cousin – F – is one week younger than our girls, and is a bit more advanced in the physical development and motor skills talent. He’s crawling and standing up almost on his own. During his visit he was very fascinated with the dog water dish, the fireplace and the TV stand. He also found himself underneath dining room chairs too.

As I type this, C is skimming the floor to get to the power strip near the TV. I gotta go. What do you do to childproof the house? What works, what didn’t?


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