Tiara Update

C had a great DOC Band appointment this week with the team at Cranial Technologies. We’re now in our sixth week of treatment, wearing the “tiara” for at least 23 hours each day. Why 23? We can take it off for baths and swim time. We’ve been really impressed with her care – their knowledge and patience in answering our questions have really put our mind at ease and the confidence that we have taken the appropriate course of action.

What’s also great is there’s a Facebook fan page to provide support of moms and dads whose child is wearing a DOC Band. We are very grateful for a responsive community and rapid response by Cranial Technologies to our comments and questions.

We get so many looks when we are out and about, so it’s nice to have a place to vent a bit. People actually think that there’s an issue with her development. I cannot believe some of the questions they ask:

“Did she have brain surgery?”
“Did she fall?”
“What’s wrong with her?”

There’s nothing wrong with her, thank you very much. She’s such a spirited little girl who loves to laugh and talk and clap her hands. She tries to get you to look at her by laughing and calling out for you. She’s excited to see her sister when she wakes up in the morning. She’s just really cool.

Cranial Technologies has a calendar contest each year for all of their DOC Band babies. We’re taking tons of photos so we can have a good entry for the 2012 calendar. I know I promised a photo of the tiara decorated by daddy. Here you go!

C in her tiara, decorated by Daddy.


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