Posted in August 2010

A SWAT Operation and My List of Answers

Eating in a restaurant with my family takes a lot of pre-planning. I think that’s true for all families with small children. But as parents of multiples, it takes logistics to a whole new level. We choose restaurants that are (a) clean (and cross our fingers they have a changing table in the restroom), (b) … Continue reading

Neil Patrick Harris Expecting Twins!

This news is exciting in more ways than one. The beautiful and talented actor Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, are expecting twins in October with the help of a surrogate. It was announced via Twitter last week. No word on the gender of the babies, but either way, their household will become … Continue reading

Poop Obsessed

Last week our daughter A had a major case of the runs. It started when we were with our friends at the zoo, and we had to do a wardrobe change near the pandas. Then it wouldn’t go away. Later that night she woke us up with a horrible scream. Poop was EVERYWHERE in her … Continue reading

Our Airplane Adventure

We took the girls on their first trip by airplane this last weekend to see their extended family in Seattle. I was a wreck before we left, trying to plan for a two-and-a-half hour plane ride to the Pacific Northwest. I searched online for tips and tricks and also talked to our pediatrician about her … Continue reading