My Little Secret for Moms of Multiples: Eye Cream That Really Works

I love drug stores. Why? Because they have such fun cosmetic and skin care items to browse, try and buy. It’s a little weakness I have.

That’s why I get giddy when I get something like this as a gift. I wasn’t offended at all when I received it from my friend K. It’s the GinZing(TM) Eye Cream from Origins.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream

Origins GinZing Eye Cream

K is a mom who works as a school teacher and is constantly on the go. She’s been using it and swears by it, and now I do too. This stuff takes away the bags under your eyes and you actually look awake, which is super important for moms of twins or more, because we lose sleep exponentially the minute they arrive into this world. I was in a meeting with a client who told me that I looked great AND awake. We were in the middle of sleep training the girls and it was rough.

It retails for $29.95 and is worth every penny. Thank you Origins!


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