Posted in October 2010

Upcoming San Diego Twins Club Events

The San Diego Twins Club (also known as San Diego Parents of Twins Club at Scripps) posted all event details through the end of this year. Sat., Oct. 23: Fall Pumpkin Party Mon., Nov. 8: Monthly Meeting – Childhood Nutrition Thurs., Nov. 11: Mom’s Night Out at the Movies Mon., Dec. 13: Silent Auction & … Continue reading

Twins Day on Sesame Street

We have episodes of Sesame Street saved on the DVR for emergency situations. I’ve been impressed so far with this season that I decided to look ahead to check out what’s in store for us. I am excited about this episode that’s up and coming in December. It’ll be exciting to see how it’s presented. … Continue reading

I Want It All (Just Not Right Now)

I came to an important realization when I sat in the children’s hospital emergency room with my daughter and my husband a few weeks ago. I decided not to alert my world and post our location and status update on Facebook. It was a long work day for me and when I came home, I … Continue reading

INDULGE: Holiday Philosophy is Here!

As I jetted through Nordstrom the other day on my way out the door to return something for the girls at the mall, something sparkly and colorful caught my eye. It wasn’t jewelry, it was the new line of holiday scents from Philosophy. I cherish any time when I can take a shower uninterrupted. And … Continue reading

MILESTONE: Our Work is Done Here

After five months, we’ve graduated from our DOC Band treatment. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time with the team at our local Cranial Technologies clinic. They are so positive, knowledgeable and supportive, helping us through a process that can be stressful and time consuming. The DOC Band (aka The Tiara) takes advantage of an infant’s growth … Continue reading