Birthdays, pumpkins and no more tiara

We’ve had an exciting last few weeks (okay, month) since I’ve last posted.

The girls turned one and we had a party for them at a local park. They had a really fun time, although I don’t think they knew what it was all about. I think their favorite part of the day was playing on the swings — but it was starting to put them to sleep because it was so comfy for them. The day started out rainy, but the skies opened up and the weather turned really nice. Now I understand why parents might choose an indoor play place for a party, we’ll revisit that when we get older.

It was our first “real” Halloween as well. The girls’ birthday is Oct. 23, so last year, they were just a week old. This year, we dressed up. I had a darling idea for a costume but just not enough time to execute. Next year. This time around, the girls were a bee and a flower. I was so proud of them, they kept on their hoods to complete the costume (they HATE hats, but tolerate the hoods on jackets and such.) We had a fun time, and cannot wait until next year so they can really turn on the charm and go trick or treating.

We also made the trip to the Pumpkin Patch up at Bates Nut Farm. We really went for the drive and to take photos. We were able to snap this darling photo that I just love.

Last, but certainly not least, C graduated from her DOC band treatment at the beginning of the month. It was a 5 month program and her head rounded out beautifully. The time flew by and we love the results.


5 thoughts on “Birthdays, pumpkins and no more tiara

  1. Hi, your girls are beautiful and C’s Doc Band results are incredible! I’m hoping you can answer a question for me… From the before/after photos, it seems C had a slightly protruding forehead before treatment and that the band completely took care of it. I realize that it might just appear to be protruding due to the positioning of her head and facial expression in the before photo. Can you let me know? This is the best forehead change I have seen with the Doc Band and my daughter’s forehead looks just like C’s and it is the main reason we are seeking treatment. Which location did you use? We will be traveling from OR to Phoenix for treatment beginning next week – it will be a huge expense to fly out every week or every other week but that is our closest CT and we think it will be well worth it.

    • Hi Cristina!

      I apologize it has taken me a bit to get back to you, but I am so glad that you are seeking treatment with Cranial Tech.

      We did have facial assymetry, and she did have a slight protruding of the forehead, by about one mm. One ear seemed to be pushed forward.

      How is treatment going? We used the San Diego clinic. We were very fortunate, in that the clinic is about 5 minutes away from our home. The travel you embark on is not uncommon. I’ve heard of families travel from Hawaii to San Diego, or even from Mexico and as far as Australia. The treatment is amazing and state of the art.

      I wish you all the best in treatment. Keep me posted on your progress!


      • Thanks Denise! I have noticed quite a change in my daughter’s forehead in her 5 weeks with the band. From that standpoint, I am very pleased. Things aren’t going as well with the flatness on the side of her head but I am still very hopeful that it will improve. One last question…you mentioned an ear shift and facial asymmetry…did both resolve? And specifically, what sort of facial asymmetry did she have? My daughter’s right eye is slightly smaller and a different shape than her left due to her torticollis.

        Hope you and your family had Happy Holidays!


  2. Denise, I thought of one more question…

    Looks like C gained a lot of forehead height from the Band. It seems that is was more sloping before and more upright afterwards. I’ve gotten mixed communication from CT on this as it relates to us… one tech said that the head does not grow upward unless it is forced to, her point being that we should not expect a change. The other tech said that they were hoping to capture some vertical height at the forehead. But, I don’t see any space left at the top of the forehead for it to grow upward. In other words, the band is pressing firmly against the top of the forehead. Despite that, I suppose the head could still grow above it. Do you remember what the top part of the Band looked like on C’s forehead?

  3. Hi Cristina!

    Thanks for the note. I think what I remember most about our experience is that when she experienced growth spurts, the head continued to fill out. It was pretty cool to see. I guess if I were in your shoes I would continue to ask for precise measurements and track them on your end after each appointment. Maybe make an appointment with the clinic supervisor, and he or she can help resolve the conflicting information.

    Here is a photo of the band, so you can see what the top of the band looks like.

    The facial asymmetry has resolved. Essentially, one of her ears was pushed forward so it looked like one eye and one ear was bigger than the other. It was more of an optical illusion — they truly were not bigger, but once the head went back into alignment it resolved itself.

    I really hope this helps. So glad you’re seeking treatment!

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