Things I couldn’t live without in our first year

Now that we made it through our first year with two babies, I seem to be asked lots of questions about what we did for different phases. I really had to think about what we did – because we were so sleep deprived the first few months with the girls.

Here are some things that we used to make our lives easier and the girls more comfortable during our first year.

Cradle Cap Lotion
C had a patch of cradle cap right on the top of her head. We couldn’t relieve it traditional remedies like olive oil or baby oil. In fact that seemed to make it worse, making it look like she had sand smashed on her head. We finally found Cradle Cap Lotion, from Little Remedies. It worked great and cleared it up very quickly.

Gripe Water
Love this stuff! We did everything we did to avoid colic – when you have two babies that could have really been a disaster. Gripe Water was a great help when we thought colic was on the horizon. Easy to use and worked immediately.

Microwave Steam Sterilizer

This is a great gift. In just six minutes you can make sure that your bottles are clean and free of soap residue after you wash them. We sterilized our bottles everyday. Overkill? perhaps. We wanted to avoid colic and gas at all costs.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles

A bottle is a bottle, right? Wrong. These bottles are truly the best. It is the only baby bottle to feature an internal vent system and helps maintain vitamins by minimizing oxidation of breastmilk and formula. Eliminate air bubbles and reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. At one point we were using 20(!) bottles a day, when they were eating every two hours. And the sterilizer is still going strong in our household. (I am proud to say we are down to six bottles, and hopefully off our bottles soon.)

Snap ‘n Go

This was a great find and we used it everyday. I liked this because we could easily click the infant seats on the frame, and not wake up the girls if they were sleeping. The frame is extremely lightweight and fits in a standard size car trunk. It was also nominally priced, and we didn’t invest in a large stroller until we knew what they may like and what we would prefer to use as well.

Newborn Napper & Play Yard by Graco
This was an asset to us the first four months with the girls, and a great investment. A loved the newborn napper “pod” (we wish they made one adult size) and the diaper changing station was great if one of the girls was sleeping in their room and we didn’t want to wake them up. We amended this set-up slightly, removing the diaper changing “tray” and putting in a bouncy seat. C slept in the bouncy seat, A slept in the napper. They could be in the same place and off of the floor, away from the dogs. We eventually used the play yard for our sleep training phase, to keep the girls separate if one was keeping the other awake.

Twin mommies (and daddies): What life saver items do you recommend that worked during your first year? Leave a comment below to share your knowledge.


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