“Vintage” toys keep showing up in our house

Grandma and Grandpa watch the girlies a few days a week when I am working in the office. When I come home from work, I can usually find some surprises brought into the house – restocking of the pantry, new clothes for the girls, little toys from the dollar bin at Target. But this one shocked me this morning.

My very first typewriter joined the toy bin(s) ranks of the “vintage” Fisher-Price cars, jeep, cow and sheep this morning!

Here is one of the girlies enjoying her new found friends.

And of course, the toddler aftermath.

What were some of your favorite toys as a child? Pending any national recalls and current toy safety standards, do your children play with them?


One thought on ““Vintage” toys keep showing up in our house

  1. I totally remember those! Sadly, we moved too many times and my mother is not the sentimental type. The only toy I have left from my childhood is my teddy bear, because I kept him with me even when I went to college. I’m trying to keep a few select items from my girls’ various stages in storage.

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