Treasures Abound at Upcoming Consignment Sale for Kids

Being a mommy to twins I often hear the remark “You probably have to buy two of everything.” And my reply is “It depends.” We don’t dress our girls identically — we choose to have them wear similar things so they don’t grow up to feel one has been favored over the other. In talking to “veteran” moms of twins (i.e. those with pre-schoolers and elementary school age kids) I’ve learned that even if you don’t dress them identical they may want to wear the same clothes. So does this mean that I’ll need to buy three items for two girls? This is going to make a dent on my credit card.

When I was a little tot, my mom would take me to thrift stores and make me try on clothes right there in the aisle as we shopped. But children’s second-hand has evolved from 30 years ago. In San Diego, there are really cute boutique shops that offer gently-used or new designer children’s clothing, toys and equipment. And if you have the patience, you can find amazing outfits at a fraction of the price you’d pay at the mall. If my kiddos are anything like yours, we may only wear the outfits two or three times before they outgrow them and move on to the next size.

When I found out about the upcoming Trunk Treasures sale, I got really excited. The sale happens twice a year and lasts one week — which means I don’t need to be there right when it opens to get the good stuff. I can sign up to have my items sold for me and I can browse and shop thousands of new and gently used items for a fraction of retail. The organizers say that Trunk Treasures is not a rummage sale. All items are professionally displayed and organized and it’s easy to find the sizes and types of items you are looking for. This is important when you’re a busy mommy of twins and don’t have time to dawdle.

The Bottom Line About Upcoming Trunk Treasures Consignment Sale:
WHEN: May 1 through May 6
WHERE: San Diego Swiss Park-Swiss Club, 2001 Main Street, Chula Vista 91911
MORE DETAILS: Website Facebook Twitter Join Email List

What are some of your best finds shopping resale? Share them below!


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