Best of Rest: Little Looster Review, Non-Candy Party Favors and More

On Fridays I thought it would be fun to feature some posts from my mommy friends are writing about. Kind of like an #FF but for individual blog posts and other stories I find online throughout my week.

Our friend Megan is the San Diego Children’s Toy Examiner. But this week, she reviewed The Little Looster…not a toy but if you’re potty training or your toddler cannot quite reach the floor and needs a little boost for their feet, then The Little Looster is for you! It looks like a step stool that wraps around the base of the toilet. Genius!

Our friend Christine, a.k.a. Everyday Mama, also writes for, and this is a site I cannot get enough of. I absolutely love her latest post, a Buying Guide for the best kid’s party favors! Many of the items are found on etsy…super cute, and affordable. With the girlies turning two in October, I am on the lookout for fun party favors that don’t involve candy or something you pick off the store shelves. But I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have time to make them — but every good intention though! The mini-crayon roll-ups are my favorites!

Because C was a DOC Band baby, this story caught our attention: More Babies Getting Flat Head Syndrome. “Flat Head” truly is a medical condition, also known as plagiocephaly. There is just a small window of time to successfully treat this condition, when an infant is very young and the skull’s soft spots have not completely fused together. To learn more about this, which can be prevalent among twins and multiples because of in-utero positioning, check out this video from NBC San Diego.


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