Our Visit to Kid Ventures

I started venturing out with the girls on my own when they were about 3 months old. At that age, they didn’t do much so it was easy to get around. And it became much easier when they could hold their own bottles.

But now they are mobile — running, jumping, sliding, dancing. You name it, they can attempt to do it. They aren’t content with sitting in their stroller for too long. I am now getting a bit more confident in letting them out of the stroller when we go on our own. However, it’s got to be a pretty controlled environment. Like a basketball court that is fenced in and they can kick a ball or play with their golf clubs — run around until they get tired. And they love it.

I was invited to a tweet-up and story time at Kid Ventures this last week, to celebrate the business birthday of a fellow momma Joann and her business Sign4Baby. We took some sign language classes with her when our girls were younger and we benefitted greatly from them. Our girls use the sign for “more” and “all done” — which alleviates frustration in their communication efforts. While we don’t go to class any more, we’ve stayed in touch with Joann through Twitter (she’s @sign4baby) and we were invited to go to her business birthday/open house at Kid Ventures in Pacific Beach.

I had heard of Kid Ventures, but not brave enough to go on my own with the girlies. So Grandma came with us for the afternoon to check it out. And the verdict?


The facility is extremely clean and well-organized. There are various play structures for kids to explore. And a cafe for parents to enjoy coffee and snacks while their children play. And for the littlest tots, there’s an area where parents can set them inside a safe zone to interact and engage with other infants their size.

Sign4Baby story time

Story Time with Sign4Baby at Kid Ventures

What caught our attention were the theme rooms. Among them there was a school/library room, a nursery, a room with a fire truck, and a diner. The one our girlies kept being drawn into was a room with a stage and a disco ball. I’ll call that one The Disco Room.


The Disco Room

Mirrors, music, hardwood floors, a stage and a Disco Ball. They were in heaven.

As a parent of twins, I hate to make a big purchase of a toy before we can really try it out and see if it’s going to be something they would like. Because we usually have to purchase two or it needs to be something they can both use at the same time. At Kid Ventures they have large toy cars, kitchen sets, baby cribs, strollers, etc. that the girls can play with and I can see what they might like. And I think I found what they may get for their second birthday…

She fell in love with this car

Taking care of baby

She likes taking care of the babies

We’ll definitely be back. The girls had a great time and it was fun to see them try and make new friends and try out new equipment and toys. And we may need to purchase a disco ball for our house.

Here’s the scoop on Kid Ventures:

  • They have two San Diego locations — Pacific Beach & Eastlake
  • They have drop-in times, camps and classes where parents and children can participate together
  • The Parents’ Cafe has a selection of drinks, salads and sandwiches available for purchase, and the seating area is within a few “footfalls” from where their children are playing
  • Adults must stay with their children, as they are not a child care or child services facility
Plus, Sign4Baby will now host their Sign, Play and Learn classes at the two locations beginning in September! Kid Ventures will be a great addition to her venues where she teaches. Learn more or register online at the Sign4Baby website.

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