25 Things You Don’t Know About…**BLOG HOP**

Thank you to Everyday Mama for the inspiration to share some of the things you don’t know about me.

  1. I was born and raised in San Diego and still live here. It’s a bit rare to find one of us natives in the wild.
  2. I was class president my sophomore and junior years of high school. I was then student body president my senior year. One of the main reasons why I ran for that office is because I didn’t want to plan the class reunion.
  3. I took dancing lessons from the age of five years until I was about 16. Not only was I a California state dance champion, but I think I probably danced at every church bazaar, Moose Lodge and regional dance competition there was. Oh and the Del Mar Fair too.
  4. My first “real” job was selling popcorn at the world famous San Diego Zoo. My cart was right as the double decker buses would pull out of the station with the guests. I soon became part of the tour.
  5. While in said popcorn cart, I saw Tom Cruise and then-wife Nicole Kidman being escorted in a golf cart on a tour of the zoo. When I inquired who drives around the celebrities, I was told, “That’s PR who does that job.”
  6. I am now a publicist.
  7. I was in a sorority in college — I was a Phi Sigma Sigma.
  8. I really wanted to study abroad in Spain when I was an undergrad. I never did.
  9. I was on the first women’s swim team my college ever had. There were just five of us. We were pathetic but we had fun and were in great shape.
  10. During the summers of my college years and for a few years after, I taught swimming lessons and coached a swim team for the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department. If you need to know how to do the elementary back stroke or a side stroke with a scissor kick, I am your gal. It was probably the best job I’ve had ever had working for someone else.
  11. If I win the lottery, there will be free swim lessons for all children who want them.
  12. I used to schedule and organize water safety puppet shows at local elementary schools. I recruited unsuspecting pool guards to also wear oversized and really heavy fish costumes at these assemblies in front of hundreds of children.
  13. I have two Pugs. Yes, I just capitalized Pugs. And I am their Parent. We Pug Parents are just a little obsessed.
  14. I would rather organize multiple live shots for TV than plan a wedding.
  15. I helped chase down Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel when she jumped out of her little water ski boat in a pool while we were live on morning TV at the San Diego Boat Show. She scampered among very large boats and almost got sucked into an inflatable jumper. But in true TV fashion, she made it back safe before the TV news show was over for the morning. It only took us about 45 minutes to get her back.
  16. I’ve participated in an elephant walk when the circus was in town. Elephants walk fast and I got cramps in my shins.
  17. I’ve walked in the secret tunnel that Johnny Carson would use to walk from his studio to the admin building at NBC’s Burbank Studios when it would rain and I wanted to eat at the commissary.
  18. The best grilled cheese sandwich I ever ate was at the NBC Commissary. Hands down. I think I’ve eaten my weight in them.
  19. I hate needles.
  20. I love reading books to my girls.
  21. I love to watch documentaries, especially about famous people. It’s a great reminder that success does not happen overnight.
  22. Our office is in an old doctor’s office suite. We think our office used to be the xray room.
  23. My esthetician does drag. He’s in our building too.
  24. I will mull over the Starbucks menu thinking that I will try something different, but I always choose the same thing: grande non-fat mocha with a tiny bit of whip cream. But if it is around the holidays I get the peppermint mocha. In the RED CUP!!!
  25. There are a few things that will remain private but if you’re lucky enough to really get to know me…you may come to know these things and they will blow your mind. These experiences guide every thought and action that I make every day.

2 thoughts on “25 Things You Don’t Know About…**BLOG HOP**

  1. I’m jealous you got that close to Johnny Carson. I used to stay up late and watch him with my grandpa. When Johnny died, it was like a family member passed. I normally don’t get too choked up when a celebrity dies but I cried when Johnny passed.

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