9/11 Rememberance: “The Twins of the Twin Towers”

OWN will air a unique documentary Sunday night, a story that has never been told about Sept. 11, 2001.

There are about 46 people who lost their twin in the attacks that occurred that day. Their loss was devastating. As one of the women in the trailer says, it’s not to diminish other’s pain and loss, but they need to tell their story as well. The film delves into the unique connection these brave siblings shared, and the process they’ve endured for dealing with their devastating loss and moving forward with their lives.

The initial reviews are in…

From The Guardian (UK): “Yet Olivia Lichtenstein’s stunning, unsentimental film about some of the surviving twins found a way of making the statistically insignificant emotionally highly significant, by lifting a trapdoor into the open-endedness of grief. Twins often speak of themselves as ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ and here were a group of people who felt as if they had literally lost half of themselves.”

From Digital Journal:The Twins of the Twin Towers is likely to be one of the more metaphysical programmes produced on either side of the Atlantic to commemorate that tragic day, and also one of the most powerful.”

Being a twin is a fascination for those who are not. It simply is. There’s often such a close bond between these twin siblings. Emotions are amplified.

Originally produced by the BBC, this documentary will air on OWN Sun., Sept. 11, 2011 at 9 p.m.

View the trailer here.


One thought on “9/11 Rememberance: “The Twins of the Twin Towers”

  1. I lost my twin in 99 only another twin could understand this heartbreak,This episode took me awhile to watch, I kept pausing and walking away tring to compose myself, very hard to watch.

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