REVIEW: Dolphin Organics

When I attended BlogHer 2011 in San Diego this year, I was pretty selective on the samples I took. I scoped the trade show floor a few times throughout the two day event and I was drawn to the Dolphin Organics booth.

Dolphin Organics

I began to chat with one of the women at the booth and learned that she was an owner of the company. Ayo and her husband Nigel co-founded Dolphin Organics within the last year or so. And you want to know what’s also cool? They are parents to twin girls who are five!

After we swapped some stories (and I asked her for twins parenting advice) I asked her to tell me about their products. Dolphin Organics is a line of personal care products for babies and young children, made only with natural and organic ingredients. They are clearly labeled so you can see what is in them, and what isn’t.

Dolphin Organics Travel Set from BlogHer 2011

It made me stop to wonder…What really was I using to wash the girls? My girls have pretty sensitive skin, with dry, patchy skin and little bumps that resembled a type of eczema on A’s upper legs. We decided early on not to use the traditional Johnson & Johnson shampoo suite of products, and were currently using the Aveeno body wash and shampoo.

We began to use the Dolphin Organics travel set I received from Ayo at BlogHer and immediately noticed a difference between what we were using and what she offered us. Here’s our review:

  • The shampoo and body wash lathers up very well.
  • The bubble bath produces lots of bubbles, but then it dissipates, so you can use the same bath water to wash their hair and bodies.
  • We used this product in the summer time, and at one point had to wash off sun block during our nightly bath. It took a bit for Dolphin Organics to wash off the sun block from their skin. (However, this got me thinking about the chemicals and preservatives in the sun block!)
  • When I rinsed their hair and face, the shampoo that ran into their eyes DID NOT phase them at all. With the Aveeno it did. Our baths were supposed to be a part of the calming ritual before bed, but often ended in tears and screaming. And I think it’s because the Aveeno hurt their eyes. You should purchase Dolphin Organics if you have a fussy baby or toddler who doesn’t like to get their eyes wet in the bath — it might be because the “tear free” shampoo you’re using is actually causing tears!
  • The labels are straightforward and easy to read.
  • The conditioner works great, helps with detangling the hair.
  • The product is unscented. No powder or fruit or flower scent. This was a challenge for me to work through, as I often buy products because of the scent — but again, these scents are created by artificially.
  • When applying the lotion, a little bit goes a long way. It goes on light, which is nice. No greasy, slippery babies!
  • My daughter’s eczema-like skin condition is nearly subsided. The bumps are minimal and her skin isn’t splotchy.
I am sad that I am out of the shampoo, and definitely need to place an order to replenish my supply. This is also perfect gift for a baby shower or for new parents. It’s unique and it works. For more information and to place an order, visit the Dolphin Organics website. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Dolphin Organics

  1. Thank you for such a glowing review! We are so thrilled that you were happy with all of our products, and really enjoyed meeting you at BlogHer as well.

    @Heather – how have you found the conditioner to be for Laila’s long hair? We’d love any feedback you’ve got, either by reply here or email 🙂

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