Last-Minute Halloween Safety Tips

This will be our first year with the girls that we will actively trick-or-treat with them. I’m not a fan of going up and knocking on some stranger’s door (and in conjunction, I don’t open our front door to people I don’t know). We’ve decided to go to a more public place to walk around and partake in Halloween festivities.

Now that they are toddlers, I have to change my strategies when I take them out and about. They’re not content to sit in a stroller for long periods of time; so we’re working on taking turns walking with mom and having to get back in the stroller so their sister can have a turn too. But because Halloween is a special night, I think we need to be extra-prepared for the unexpected.

I decided to look up some Halloween safety tips for toddlers so we’re well-prepared for our outing. Here are some that I found pretty useful:

  • Pin a slip of paper with the child’s name, address, phone number inside a pocket in case they get separated from the group and can be quickly returned to their parents and friends.
  • Make sure the costume is the right fit and they don’t trip or fall from excess fabric. Also make sure their shoes fit well.
  • A good meal prior to trick-or-treating can help discourage little ones from filling up on treats.

Discover more last-minute Halloween Safety Tips from these expert sources:

Have fun and be safe tonight!

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