Posted in December 2011

Toddler Winter Fashion: Baby Legs

When the girls were really, really small, we were gifted with Baby Legs. You know, those super cute leg warmers for babies. They come in all colors, and are for boys and girls. Our Southern California weather is a little fickle, and our girls don’t have bulky jackets. So before we went out today to … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Avoiding a Meltdown

I’ll do whatever it takes to avoid a tantrum in the store. A loves to look “out.” She’s preferred to look out ever since she was a tiny infant. So if it means pushing the cart from behind so she can see where she is going to keep her happy (and sitting down), then so … Continue reading

The Banana Boycott

Awhile back, the girls went through what I call the Banana Boycott. This summer they ate bananas like crazy. And as with all things toddler, food preferences ebb and flow. This time, the bananas are the victims, suffering from being pushed, squeezed, and thrown, rather than being eaten and filling up their hungry tummies. So … Continue reading