The Banana Boycott

Awhile back, the girls went through what I call the Banana Boycott.


This summer they ate bananas like crazy. And as with all things toddler, food preferences ebb and flow. This time, the bananas are the victims, suffering from being pushed, squeezed, and thrown, rather than being eaten and filling up their hungry tummies. So now we’re left with blackened bananas in the fridge, on the counter and unfortunately, in the diaper bag (ewwww!).

I put out an ask for some Banana Bread recipes to give these bananas one last final hurrah. Here are the recipes that were sent over to The Twin Set:

Mira Mesa Mom said: “I don’t have a recipe from scratch, but the Chiquita banana bread box mix is pretty darn good. I add cinnamon and blocks of butter on top before putting it in the oven.”

Bird Rock Fab said: “La Jolla Mom has a good one on her blog. We’ve made it a couple of times.”

Casey from California said: “Janet’s Rich Banana Bread…includes sour cream. Best ever!”

Danielle sent me her recipes for Almond Chocolate Banana Bread AND Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (both look delish!)

And Mel, A Dramatic Mommy sent over this idea: “When my bananas turn brown I flash freeze them in zipper bags to use in smoothies. I have frozen strawberries and yogurt cubes too.”

Thanks gals! We have lots of bananas and you’ve given me some great options.


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