Toddler Winter Fashion: Baby Legs

When the girls were really, really small, we were gifted with Baby Legs. You know, those super cute leg warmers for babies. They come in all colors, and are for boys and girls.

Our Southern California weather is a little fickle, and our girls don’t have bulky jackets. So before we went out today to the Farmer’s Market, we put on Baby Legs, but this time on our arms!


Pair it up with a beanie and the girls stayed quite warm. I wore some as well on my arms. When the sun came out and temps rose, we just peeled them off.

If you have Baby Legs, don’t throw them out or give it away. Those are really a gift that lasts a long time!


Parents of Toddlers: What baby item did you receive as a gift or buy that you are still using now?


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