A Life Size Dollhouse

I need to be honest. It can be a challenge to take the girls out by myself. They are two and don’t want to sit in their stroller for too long. So when I take them out I need to find a place where they can run free and get the sillies out, but they need to be safe and it can’t be crowded.

I debated sharing this location with you, I really wanted to keep it to myself. But it’s too good not to share.

I love San Diego history. I remember the week I spent in Old Town with classmates in the fourth grade. It was an amazing experience.

Just outside of Old Town is Heritage Park. A cluster of historical buildings that have been restored to preserve what it life was like at the turn of the 20th century in San Diego. The buildings were in various parts of the city and moved to this location with the help of public and private support. The park is nearly eight acres in size, and has a large grass area that is enclosed on three sides that is used for weddings and private events.

But what I think is pretty cool is that the porches of these buildings are accessible to all. You. An get up close and observe the architecture. Or let little girls run around and have a blast climbing stairs, knocking on doors (no one is inside), and play in secret gardens. Each building is brightly colored and has amazing details that simply don’t exist in today’s homes.

These are truly life size dollhouses. The photos below do not adequately capture the beauty and tranquility of this location. But I absolutely love that my girls were able to climb, run and explore a little bit of San Diego’s history.






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