KPBS, NBC 7 San Diego Offer Unique Opportunities to Non-Profits and Experts

Two opportunities from local broadcasters came across our desk today and we wanted to share them with you!

KPBS seeks ideas for a new local program they are developing for television. The public is asked to submit their ideas for a series on our hometown that embodies the “explorer spirit.” According to the press release, submissions will be judged on a number of criteria. KPBS is looking for programs that are uniquely local, appeal to the diverse KPBS audience, and are able to tell a story. Deadline to submit an online proposal is August 24, 2012. For more information and to submit, please visit their website.

Director of programming John Decker states, “The program must be uniquely local. A sense of place comes from many things: language, food, culture, music, travel, geography, heritage, education, art, science, hobbies, passions, media, etc. How will you define it? And remember to be inclusive. Terms like “unique” and “local” should not mean super-narrow focus for a small audience. We are looking to appeal to a wide audience.”


There is still time to for nonprofits to apply for NBC 7 San Diego’s 21st Century Solutions – a grant challenge for nonprofit organizations implementing new and innovative programs that are moving San Diego forward. In partnership with the NBCUniversal Foundation, the signature grant program will award the winner with $50,000 and two runners-up will each receive $25,000, totaling $100,000 for programs in San Diego.

The grant challenge is open to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations implementing innovative programs, which are approximately less than three years old, that are addressing new emerging challenges or ongoing issues in new ways. They will accept applications in seven program areas including Arts and Media, Civic Engagement, Jobs and Economic Empowerment, Community Development, Technology and Innovation, Education, and Environment.

Organizations can apply through August 15, 2012. Contact Samantha Dorman, community relations manager, NBC 7 San Diego, for more information.

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