Easy Craft: Recycling Crayons

I was cleaning out the hall closet this weekend. This is where we keep all the art supplies (and the vacuum). I found a box of broken crayons of many colors, and was curious to see if there was anything I could do with them. So of course, I got online and saw many, many ideas. I needed something quick, easy and resourceful.

This one caught my eye. It’s from a great blog called “Make and Takes.” Visit her site for the complete instructions. I literally made these within 30 minutes, which included the cooling time because I put them in the freezer. I would recommend not using as much vegetable spray as I did, but it certainly helps getting them out of the pan!

My girls had fun with them (as did their dad and I). I loved how the colors blend!

I think a would be a great party favor for a toddler birthday, created in the colors of the party: Thomas the Tank Engine Party? Red and Blue and Yellow swirl. Having a Pink Party? Use Magenta, Light Pink and White.

My daughter began to put foam stickers on the crayon disks, and I just thought that was the cutest. Again, another reason to make and use them as party favors! Perfect for both boys and girls.

Next time I make these, I’ll be using candy molds to create crayons in fun sizes and will be a little bit smaller.

Do you have any ideas using recycled crayons? Leave them in the comments below. Links are welcome!

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