Time Well Spent at the New Children’s Museum San Diego


I am super excited that the New Children’s Museum in San Diego is open on Wednesday afternoons!

I can’t honestly say when they decided to be open on Wednesdays, but when we first became members over 18 months ago, they weren’t. But now they are and I couldn’t be happier. I am home with the girls on Wednesday afternoon from work, so we get an extra option to do something fun!

Our recent visit was fantastic. It wasn’t too crowded and when we arrived, they immediately ran to the Barn — a beautiful room for kids two and younger (I didn’t have the heart to tell them they are too big to go in.)

Then it was off to the Trash exhibit where they braved the trash bag/bean bags, tire ladder, and slide.

After taking some time to bang on some drums, they went outside to the Junkyard Art area, and began to play with clay. It was a very beautiful day and I thought to myself, “The art teacher who works here has a great ‘office’ — under a shaded patio and a view of downtown San Diego.”

I highly recommend a membership to the museum, as they often have perks like Members Only Family Time and complimentary admission to other museums. It is near an MTS Trolley Station so you can make a day trip downtown on the red trolley to and from the museum.

Secret Tips:

  • They have lockers to stash your jackets and bags. Bring your own lock.
  • They have parking for museum patrons behind the museum (shared with the adjacent condo complex). Plus if you upgrade to the Deluxe Membership for just $15 more, you get free parking for the year!
  • They have a small park with swings and a climbing structure just across the street. Great area to burn off some extra energy.

The Details:

The New Children’s Museum
200 West Island Avenue
San Diego, California 92101

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