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Toddler Winter Fashion: Baby Legs

When the girls were really, really small, we were gifted with Baby Legs. You know, those super cute leg warmers for babies. They come in all colors, and are for boys and girls. Our Southern California weather is a little fickle, and our girls don’t have bulky jackets. So before we went out today to … Continue reading

Advice for parents of twins

Singer Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon welcomed the newest additions to their family yesterday, fraternal twins — a boy and a girl. Which of course, brings on the advice from well-intentioned friends and family members, often unsolicited and NOT from parents of multiples. With the announcement of the birth of what are bound … Continue reading

Finally, I can get rid of the bins?

I received an alert from Family Health Centers in San Diego about their Baby Boutique initiative. My heart melted. My husband and I have been extremely blessed with gifts of clothes, shoes, toys, books and baby equipment for our girls. Now that they are 13 months old — we have lots and lots of gently … Continue reading

Poop Obsessed

Last week our daughter A had a major case of the runs. It started when we were with our friends at the zoo, and we had to do a wardrobe change near the pandas. Then it wouldn’t go away. Later that night she woke us up with a horrible scream. Poop was EVERYWHERE in her … Continue reading