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Modern Dance Lessons for Toddlers

Modern Dance Lessons for Toddlers

Today we participated in a little known San Diego tradition… Free Dance Day San Diego. It is a day where the dance companies in the building open their doors and host a variety of classes to provide an opportunity to try something new. Various levels and types of dance, from modern to ballet to tribal, … Continue reading

A Life Size Dollhouse

I need to be honest. It can be a challenge to take the girls out by myself. They are two and don’t want to sit in their stroller for too long. So when I take them out I need to find a place where they can run free and get the sillies out, but they … Continue reading

Toddler Winter Fashion: Baby Legs

When the girls were really, really small, we were gifted with Baby Legs. You know, those super cute leg warmers for babies. They come in all colors, and are for boys and girls. Our Southern California weather is a little fickle, and our girls don’t have bulky jackets. So before we went out today to … Continue reading

Last-Minute Halloween Safety Tips

This will be our first year with the girls that we will actively trick-or-treat with them. I’m not a fan of going up and knocking on some stranger’s door (and in conjunction, I don’t open our front door to people I don’t know). We’ve decided to go to a more public place to walk around … Continue reading

Crafts: Glitter and Pumpkins!

I find myself being attracted to glitter. Not the movie, but to the beautiful, sparkly dust that comes in tiny, symmetrical containers from the craft store. Oh, and glitter nail polish too. But I’ll save that for another post. Now that I have two little girls, the time has come to begin to become a … Continue reading

“She’s been kissed by an angel…”

One of my little gals has a strawberry hemangioma. Actually, she has two. One on her neck, and the second one is cavernous on her hairline. As her mom, I know they are there and I monitor them, but I don’t “see” them. It’s a non-issue for me. It’s not until someone else points them … Continue reading