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We Love Little Italy!

We Love Little Italy!

I simply cannot get enough of this neighborhood. Why? Here are my top three reasons why we love Little Italy: Places to eat for everyone. Family friendly options where kids are welcome, or enjoy a lunch with your best girlfriends, or a date night with your significant other. Locally owned and operated. Upscale options, but … Continue reading

Last-Minute Halloween Safety Tips

This will be our first year with the girls that we will actively trick-or-treat with them. I’m not a fan of going up and knocking on some stranger’s door (and in conjunction, I don’t open our front door to people I don’t know). We’ve decided to go to a more public place to walk around … Continue reading

The Twin Set Goes to the Birch Aquarium

Our family just received an annual membership from Grandma and Grandpa to the Birch Aquarium on the campus of UCSD in La Jolla. I’ve always loved the location. Free parking, cute cafe, beautiful kelp exhibit and a back patio with tidepools that overlook the ocean. Simply stunning. This was the first time we explored the … Continue reading

Welcome to toddlerhood, mommy

My girls are on the move. And I never thought this time of their life would come fast enough. I remember being with my friend Sage and she had just had her baby and my girls were six months old. Sitting in their infant seats in the double snap ‘n go, we were quite a … Continue reading

Finally, I can get rid of the bins?

I received an alert from Family Health Centers in San Diego about their Baby Boutique initiative. My heart melted. My husband and I have been extremely blessed with gifts of clothes, shoes, toys, books and baby equipment for our girls. Now that they are 13 months old — we have lots and lots of gently … Continue reading

Our Airplane Adventure

We took the girls on their first trip by airplane this last weekend to see their extended family in Seattle. I was a wreck before we left, trying to plan for a two-and-a-half hour plane ride to the Pacific Northwest. I searched online for tips and tricks and also talked to our pediatrician about her … Continue reading